Start Converting Readers Into Clients

A 5-Day email course on scaling your coaching business with blogs (to make more money while working fewer hours).

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The #1 blog introduction secrets to quickly developing trust with your readers.A 3-step simple SEO optimization process to outrank your competition in a matter of weeks.3 blog templates that will generate 80% of your traffic.5 simple, actionable frameworks you can use to start growing your business, TODAY.

Everything you need to start writing blogs that help you attract, educate, and convert readers into clients (on autopilot).

Written by Alejandro Sanoja, the founder and personal branding consultant at Latinpresarios who has been named 1 of the 6 Personal Branding Experts to follow by The American Reporter and has built a couple of consulting businesses up to 6-figures in revenue starting from $0.

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Day 0 - Introduction & Email Course Outline: An overview of the courseDay 1 - How to write blogs that make you moneyDay 2 - Writing blogs that allow you to work lessDay 3 - Template #1: The Examples BlogDay 4 - Template #2: The Pricing BlogDay 5 - The Pareto Principle of Blogging: The 3 blog templates you’ll need to generate 80% of your trafficDay 6 - BONUS - The Email Course Formula: The secrets to mastering list building and driving conversions to grow your business beyond $20,000 per month on autopilot